Ivan Schieferdecker

    ******Well we are starting out the year “with both barrels blazing”******

Please join us on Sunday , January 18th. from 1 to 4 in the afternoon for a reception celebrating the Art of IVAN SCHIEFERDECKER
(see images below)
    Mark your calendars now, it’s an art event you should not miss, unless of course you are imprisoned or dead (go Gov. McDonald & Jimmy Hoffa), seriously Ivan has once again, defying all the odds, has brought even more energy & depth; (has expanded even further the dialogue between artist & viewer) into his lush vs spare, subtle vs in your face, richly pigmented vs monotone and paintings vs drawings. It is a “tour de force” on all counts ; the compositions are amazing there akin to “a little Zen vs a little Hollywood”. The drawings are as equally strong voiced as the paintings. The delicate lines of the pencil are on the same plane as the strong swath of the brush!
How Schieferdecker continues to raise the bar on his own work is any body’s guess, but he diffidently raises the bar across the region for all other painters (including yours truly). What is most amazing is how he makes it seem so effortless and natural, from the juxtaposition of colors & textures; to the continued re-interpretation of the  “landscape”, Schieferdecker does it quietly/no need for fanfares, creating such magical realms of abstraction, incorporating the subtlest of nuisances, so that the you the observer are literally being sucked into the piece!; time passes & you do not care/you are content – that is the brilliance of a great artist!

The show is titled: Yesterday and Today…
showing roads taken (the mini retro), the present course and of course what is possibly coming down the pike……… ; we are sure Schieferdecker will continue to astound us for a couple of more decades, his feet are planted firmly as his vision continues to expand!

Here are a few pieces from the upcoming show, please enjoy!
See you at the “OPENING” or sometime soon.
Billy, Tom & Laura

Shift Drawing ink & gouache 21″ x 23″ (fr) 2014
Blue Flash in Red  watercolor monotype 31″ x 43″ (fr)  1999
Shift Stuy #18 oil on linen 42″ x 48″ 2014


Opening reception:  Sunday, January 18th. 2015,  1pm to 4pm

Exhibition: Yesterday and Today……………
Dates: Jan. 18th. to Feb. 28th., 2015
Where: Galerie Hertz
1253 S. Preston Street
Louisville Ky. 40203
Contact: Billy Hertz
Hours: Tues. – Fri.  11am to 5pm
Sat.  11am to 4pm
most Sun.,call 1st. to double check
Exhibition consists of 17 new paintings and 16 various works from the last 3 and1/2 decades.