Ivan Schieferdecker Reception

Please do not forget to join us this Sunday, the 18th. of January for the opening reception for IVAN SCHIEFERDECKER’S    “Yesterday and Today….” featuring 16 new paintings & drawings that
we guarantee will take your breath away, plus 17 equally astonishing piece from 1982 up through
2003 that will once again remind you of why Ivan Schieferdecker is so highly respected in the art world. The genus of his work includes but not limited to his phenomenal use of color, both strong & subtle compositions and the unique way he can combine different mediums to make such  remarkable paintings, drawings and momotypes. Schieferdecker is a painter’s painter, a print-maker’s print-maker and a drawer’s drawer – in other words, a “master of all crafts”, a true Rennassiance Man! Check out our album on Facebook to see all the work, it has all the dates,
dimensions and mediums. The website  has great photos of his work also,
working on getting the rest of the info on there as well – as always, the website is a work constantly
in progress – to say the least!

here are a few more teasers…


#1) Shift #7  ink & gouache/gessoed paper  22″ sq.  2014
#2 Shift Study #9  oil on linen  28″ x 30″  2014
#3 Black Pool #2  oil on canvas  36″ x 48″  2003
#4 Lost in Sandstone  drawing m/m 24″ x 36″  1987

See you this Sunday!!!!!!
Billy, Tom & Stephen