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In this “newsletter” are some reasons for purchasing “art”, a nice essay about the current exhibitions and info on the upcoming show & of course some pics! Merry Christmas,  Happy Hanukkah, a joyous Kwanza, Seasons Greetings, Peace & Love, Happy New Year!
If you have been “Naughty” or “Nice” but still have not completed your GIFT GIVING for the Holidays – we would be more than willing to help! We have some great pieces here @ Galerie Hertz
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Here Are Some Rationalizations for Buying Art for The Holidays !!!!!!!!!!!

I am helping to support the local arts, artists and galleries as well as the local economy !!!!
I do not own a NAME OF ARTIST HERE yet!
I have a big empty space on my wall that needs to be filled.
I have a small empty space on my wall that needs to be filled.
It brings color to the garden in the winter!
If I get that photograph, that will give me 5 (I have always heard it’s better to have an odd #, easier to hang a suite)
I need that painting to make my collection of Regional Painters complete!
After it has depreciated in the office over 5 years-I can bring it to the house.

It matches my sofa, brings out the blue in my eyes!
The kids will love this when I’m/we are gone, it will comfort them in their grief!

Or just say screw it, I’m going to buy what I like & hope they like it as much!
Or just treat yourself because you know that your easy to please, know what you want and
do not care if it is wrapped or not!
Or just charge it to that Special Someone & say thank you for the wonderful gift, you shouldn’t have!


above image:  JIM DOIRON’S   Our Region of Satisfaction  55″ x 48″ M/M

Essays & Thoughts by Kayla Bischoff & Billy Hertz
Jim Dorion’s “Architectoplyplast: Debrided Surfaces” and “Holiday Show” review by: Kayla Bischof Galerie Hertz is exhibiting two concurrently running shows: Jim Dorion’s “Architectopylast: Debrided Surfaces” and the annual “Holiday Show.” The latter of the two features new works by John Nation, Herb Herdt, Dennis Mader, Kayla Bischoff, Rachel Ray, Ken Hayden, Cheryl Chapman, Tad DeSanto, Brad Devlin, and more!
This new body of work by Jim Dorion explores the results of urban decay through natural forces and human manipulation. These mixed media constructions are assembled on light-weight concrete boards. “Our Region of Satisfaction” brings to mind the abstract map work of Jasper Johns. This Dorion piece in particular has much visual depth and layering with components that are simultaneously faded and graphic. The phrase “PAY ME” confronts the viewer, making a statement with its juxtaposition directly beneath a map of the U.S. One could gather that this suggests a sense of entitlement and expectation for compensation felt by a group of people; of course the tattered surface quality suggests that this outlook may be unrealistic and destructive. Whatever the statement intended, this piece presents viewers with important questions and thought provoking material.
Jim Dorion’s exploration of deliberate manipulation combined with natural forces is quite evident in his piece, “Intravariegateus Metallum Coronatus.” The diagonal cracks are subtle details helping to break up the composition, while also leading the viewer’s gaze throughout. The dripping splash of powder blue paint on the concrete surface is clearly the artist’s doing; while the rusty stain of a metal ring is a force of nature. Visually both areas of the composition are dripping downward as one mimics the other. Our understanding of how each mark was created exemplifies Dorion’s intent in this series through the curious juxtaposition of manmade marks and those left up to natural phenomena.

The Holiday Show at Galerie Hertz presents a great variety of new work in photography, painting, sculpture, mixed media, collage, and ceramics. Much like Jim Dorion’s solo show, Rachel Ray also explores the weathered aesthetic in her Ceramic Feet Series. The placement of these feet leading up to Dorion’s work is incredibly appropriate. The viewer is guided around the perimeter by a dramatically powerful and eerily quiet imagery of upright human limbs. Over 20 pairs of feet are lined around the perimeter in a natural way; with the exception of a nearby group huddled in a circle. Despite not having a body past the shins, there is a social quality to this body of work. The fact that they are barefoot, cracked, weathered, and worn seems to suggest some sort of long journey or hardship of an entire group.
Other sculptural art included in the Holiday Show are works by Brad Devlin and Herb Herdt. Devlin utilizes recycled and reclaimed materials to create whimsical wall hangings.  His works consistently have personality, whimsy, and visual interest. Upon one wall in the gallery hangs a school of Brad Devlin’s fish made from various metal, plastic, and rubber objects. A nice touch to Devlin’s work is his use of staples both for function  and he embraces them as an opportunity to create pattern and texture. Herb Herdt also works in the medium of recycled objects re-imagined into free standing sculptures of various animals. One piece in particular utilizes a shovel blade and dulled saw blades to create a swimming sea turtle. Herdt successfully captures the essence of the animal, and displays it mounted on a spring to allow for slight movement. Also looking to Outsider Art is artist, Tad DeSanto. He creates mixed media collages of paper, paint, cheese cloth, metal, and more. His work, “Long Time No See” uses this text within the composition in a bold manner that enhances the overall work by directly proposing this phrase to the viewer. In the foreground we are presented with two people gazing at each other with eyes reminiscent of ancient Egyptian painting. Behind these figures, staring out at the viewer is a group of upright blue, dog-like creatures. This confrontational gaze toward the viewer makes one feel part of this group watching the inevitable event that is about to unfold.
A new series of photographs in John Nation’s “Hallucinations” series pulls the viewer in with surreal scenes of cinematic quality. As explained in his artist statement, Nation has been shooting these dark, yet amusing scenes while recovering from a recent bout with cancer. He utilized small objects and children’s toys as subject matter for his lively still-life scenes.  For example the small babies, wolf, and skeleton figures used in “Romulus and Remus if Raised by an Alpha Male” coupled with this title is just the right amount of humor and gloom. The lighting is also incredibly dramatic and just stunning in this entire body of work. “Oh, Holy Night” brings to mind Goya’s ‘The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters’ (1799). The creature in flight swooping down to bring mayhem to the angel in the foreground further connectswith the theme of nightmarish hallucinations.A mixed media painting by Dennis Mader titled, “Gold on Gold Stripe” is calmly minimal with subtle detail and color variation throughout its pale gold composition. At a glance, it appears to be an entirely monotone painting with a slight value difference indicating the vertical stripe motif. Upon closer inspection, one realizes there are strips of textural fabric laid in spaced rows over the delicate sheen of metallic gold paint. Though this is one of the most minimal pieces in the show, this work draws in the viewer with its pleasant simplicity and attention to detail.
The Abstract Expressionistic paintings of Cheryl Chapman are rich, energetic, and process-oriented. “Rolling Rock” is made up of a simply beautiful color palette and an overall harmonious composition. This piece feels refreshingly raw, embodying authentic artistic expression. The use of pencil directly into wet paint to roughly outline shapes and forms gives this piece a feeling of playful experimentation and an unhesitating urgency to create in the moment. “Breech” is another great example of life and energy within Chapman’s abstract paintings. The pulsating movement of the squared shapes and red focal point draws one in to explore the dancing textures and colors throughout the composition.Another vibrant group of works in the show include Ken Hayden’s dye sublimation print series of lilies. The groupof four photographs is a colorful study of the symmetry of nature. Though each work is individually strong enough to work on its own, the set viewed together offers visual contrast while simultaneously complementing each other. The striking representations of this flawlessly balanced flower bring to mind the ethereal, yet boldly crisp poppy photographs by Irving Penn.

The annual “Holiday Show” presents a multitude of quality, new contemporary art being created in various mediums. While the show is a visual delight, these works offer a variety of underlying content through the artists’ unique visions and visual vocabularies. Jim Dorion’s “Architectoplyplast: Debrided Surfaces” also presents the viewer with aesthetically intriguing works and essential conceptual thoughts as the driving force of the work. This series explores intentional mark making coupled with environmental factors. In doing so, the final pieces feel familiar to us for we are often surrounded with similar imagery in both urban and rural areas. Dorion has re-contextualized this part of our world by bringing it into the gallery setting to confront and captivate us with this beautiful imagery we often take for granted.

Thoughts on Kayla Bischoff’s paintings by Billy Hertz
Kayla Bischoff’s newest painting, “The Squabble,” looks to influences such as contemporary painter, Elizabeth Murray and Art Brut artist, Jean Dubuffet. She incorporates painterly layering, visual depth, vivid color, and complexity in this abstract composition. The subject matter of the work is non-representational abstraction, but with loose reference of a stylized human figure broken into individual parts. This chaotic conglomeration of shapes intertwines and overlaps before the viewer’s eyes, creating a frenzied commotion. Further tension is created between the playfully bulbous shapes in that they are jam-packed into the perimeters of the canvas.

coming in January 2015: IVAN SCHIEFERDECKER’S  “Yesterday, Today and ……”
again HAPPY HOLIDAYS from someone’s favorite elves & fairies,
Billy & Tom